Agility Right from the Start Tug Toys Collage Dog Training treats
Agility Right from the Start
If you're into agility, you'd better get into Agility Right from the Start! Order your copy now from Karen Pryor Clicker Training.
Tug Toys
Tug toys can be a very strong reinforcer and lots of fun for your dog! Whether your dog likes to tug, catch, or chase, we offer a great selection of versatile rewards that your dog will go crazy for!
Dog Training Treats
All of these delicious treat varieties will help you to reinforce your dog for correct behavior in all types of training situations! These treats are the perfect size for training, and the multiple flavor choices will help to keep your rewards interesting!
These products will help you reach the animal mind!
Reaching The Animal Mind Dog Agility Equipment Agility ClickerExpo Video Sessions
Reaching the Animal Mind
Order your copy today from Karen Pryor Clicker Training.
Dog Agility Equipment
This lightweight equipment is durable (anodized aluminum - not sprayed on so won't chip or crack), portable (folds or breaks down and each piece has a great carrying case), beautiful (check out the functional design and colors). In our opinion, it's the best value in quality agility equipment.
Agility ClickerExpo Video Sessions
Watch the latest ClickerExpo sessions from Eva and Emelie as they explore agility topics ranging from foundation training to advanced skills and techniques.