Detailed Table of Contents (PDF with Pagination)

Publisher’s note

Part I: Training fundamentals

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Learning theory
Chapter 3: Clicker training: science-based dog training
Chapter 4: Good Agility Practices
Chapter 5: Agility basics

Part II: Foundation skills for you and your dog

Chapter 6: About foundation training
Chapter 7: Training yourself
Chapter 8: Reward procedures
Chapter 9: Transports
Chapter 10: Getting behavior: two favorite strategies
Chapter 11: Between, around, over, onto, under, and through
Chapter 12: Noise and movement
Chapter 13: Rear-end control
Chapter 14: Starts and stays
Chapter 15: Follow me

Part III: Putting it all together

Chapter 16: About handling and obstacle training
Chapter 17: Handling maneuvers on the flat
Chapter 18: Jumps and tunnels
Chapter 19: Handling sequences
Chapter 20: The contact obstacles
Chapter 21: The table
Chapter 22: The weave poles
Chapter 23: Parting thoughts


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